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Intelligent Autonomous Technology-enabled Lean Healthcare Services & Analytics

We offer consulting and analytics on selection, deployment, integration and optimization of Healthcare Information Systems and associated Technologies and Services, including; Hospital Information System (HIS), HMS (Hospital Management System), EMR, EHR, LIS, PACS, RIS, eAuthorization, eClaim, ePrescription, mHealth, Big Clinical Data and Clinical Analytics, Alergy-Drug-Drug Predictive Analysis, Document Management Systems(DMS), PaperLess Patient Medical Recods, Policy Management Systems, JCI Accreditation Policies, Measurables and Traces, Health Care Quality Management Systems, Organization and Operations Analytics and Dashboards, Collaborative Healthcare Services, Intelligent and Integrated Health Engines, Clinical Coding(CPT, ICD, DRG, E&M,...) for Service Quality and Financial Analysis, Environment and Patient Safety Plans and Assessment, Infection Control and Management Processes & Policies, and Nursing/Clinical Informatics development/utilization for Operations Automation and Quality improvement.

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