Amir Hekmatpour, Ph.D.
Senior Engineer
IBM Systems & Technology Group
Semiconductor Solutions
ASIC Development
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27709, U.S.A.

Recent Projects:

  • Analog/Mix-Signal IP Acquisition & Verification ASIC & IP Development , IBM Microelectronics
    Analog/Mix-Signal IP Verification, Qualification, Certification and Release Standards and Methodology
  • System-On-a-Chip Verification Tools and Methodologies SOC Platform Development, IBM Microelectronics
    Formal and Assertion-based SOC Verification (Interconnect, Transaction, Functional)
  • Functional Coverage Analysis Tools and Methodologies SOC Design Methodology, IBM Microelectronics
    Coverage Driven Functional Verification (CDV) of Advanced Microprocessors, Architectural Coverage Analysis, Microarchitectural Coverage Analysis, Distributed Web-Based Coverage Analysis Tools, Coverage Driven test Generation (CDG), Transaction and Connectivity Coverage Analysis of SOC designs,...
  • System-On-a-Chip: Modeling, Analysis and Design Methodology
  • PowerPC: G4 MP Verification Tools & Methodologies.
    Development & Support of Model-based MP test generator
  • PowerPC: Coverage-Based Verification Tools and Methodologies
  • PowerPC 740 (Mach5): MP Coherency Ver, BIU Coverage Assessment, RTPG/MP_RTPG/MPTG/MBTG/Genie test case generation
  • PowerPC 750 (Arthur): Architectural Verification
  • PowerPC 604e (Windstormr): MP Verification, Hardware MP Test
  • PowerPC 604 (Zephyr): Debug, Debug fix verification and Regression test
  • UT Austin: Web-Based Multimedia Knowledge-Based Systems
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